Posted by: nchslibrary | December 3, 2009

Famous Trials

justice scaleFamous Trials

This site, hosted by the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, is authored by Douglas Linder, Professor of Law. Originally started in 1995 as a project for his Seminar in Famous Trials course, it has grown into a robust compendium of trials that range from “Trial of Socrates (399 B.C.)” to “O.J. Simpson Trial (1995).” The most recent trial is from 2006, and there are others in the works.

A passion project for Linder, Famous Trials includes both primary and secondary sources: illustrations, photographs, trial transcripts, chronologies, bibliographies, link libraries for further research, and much more.

So whether you’re just curious about what happened to Susan B. Anthony after she illegally cast a vote in nearby Rochester, NY, on November 5, 1872, or you have a social studies or forensic science project due on a particular trial, stop here first and check out the wealth of information provided.


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