Posted by: nchslibrary | October 13, 2009

NC’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Nov. 5-20, 2009 (one item per day)

(Give Thanks to God by Giving to Others.)

Please contribute the following items for our Thanksgiving Food Drive. Each student is asked to bring the designated item to homeroom on the day that is indicated (ex. Each student should bring in one can of vegetables and a $1.00 donation on November 5th).

Please note: Monday, November 5, we are asking each student to contribute $1.00 towards the purchase of turkeys or Sam’s Club, Tops, Wegmans, or Aldi’s Gift Cards to complete our meal.

Thank you for sharing your food with those in need! All items will be displayed on stage for our November 25, 10:30 a.m. Liturgy. Please join us. May you and your families have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Date                   Items (more is better)
Nov. 05, TH—(1) can of vegetables & $1.00 Donation
Nov. 06, FR—(1) box of cereal
Nov. 10, TU—(1) package of pasta or macaroni & cheese
Nov. 12, TH—(1) can of yams or box of instant potatoes
Nov. 13, FR—(1) can/jar of Turkey gravy
Nov. 17, TU—(1) box of Jell-o, pudding, or cake/brownie mix
Nov. 18, WE—(1) box of Poultry stuffing mix
Nov. 19, TH—(1) can of cranberries
Nov. 20, FR—(1) can of soup

NOTE: Anyone wishing to donate a frozen turkey to our efforts please deliver the turkey to the school November 18-20. Supermarket gift cards are also welcome.


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