Posted by: nchslibrary | September 30, 2009

National Museum of the American Indian

Puffin Man from NMAIUnder the auspices of the Smithsonian Institute, the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) has made many of the items in their object collections and photographic archives available in a digital library online.

According to the NMAI webpage, “About the Collections:”

“The Object collections, consisting of Archaeology, Ethnology, and Modern and Contemporary Arts, include all major culture areas of the Western Hemisphere and virtually all tribes in the United States, most of those of Canada, and a significant number from Middle and South America and the Caribbean. Approximately 68% of the object collections originate in the United States, with 3.5% from Canada, 10% from Mexico and Central America, 11% from South America, and 6% from the Caribbean.”

The photographic archives contain “approximately 324,000 images from the 1860s to the present.”

Search options include searching by Peoples/Cultures, Artists/Individuals, Places, and Object Specifics. There is also an Advanced Search option for combining search terms.


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