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New Library Additions – May

The following books were added to the NCHS library collection in May:


Call Number: F C374k 2008

Graceling, by Kristin Cashore
In a world where some people are born with extreme and often-feared skills called Graces, Katsa struggles for redemption from her own horrifying Grace, the Grace of killing, and teams up with another young fighter to save their land from a corrupt king. This book is the first in the Seven Kingdoms Trilogy.


Call Number: F C374k 2009

Fire, by Kristin Cashore
In a kingdom called the Dells, Fire is the last human-shaped monster, with unimaginable beauty and the ability to control the minds of those around her, but even with these gifts she cannot escape the strife that overcomes her world. This book is the second in the Seven Kingdoms Trilogy.

The Hunger Games

Call Number: F C655s 2008

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss’s skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister’s place. This book is the first in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Catching Fire

Call Number: F C655s 2009

Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins
By winning the annual Hunger Games, District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have secured a life of safety and plenty for themselves and their families, but because they won by defying the rules, they unwittingly become the faces of an impending rebellion. This book is the second in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic

Call Number: F W496s 2009

Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic, by Suzanne Weyn
In the early twentieth century, five sisters and their widowed mother, a famed spiritualist, travel from New York to London, and as the Titanic conveys them and their acquaintances, journalist W.T. Stead, scientist Nikola Tesla, and industrialist John Jacob Astor, home, Tesla’s inventions will either doom or save them all.


Call Number: F W478s 2009

Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld; illustrated by Keith Thompson
In an alternate 1914 Europe, fifteen-year-old Austrian Prince Alek, on the run from the Clanker Powers who are attempting to take over the globe using mechanical machinery, forms an uneasy alliance with Deryn who, disguised as a boy to join the British Air Service, is learning to fly genetically-engineered beasts.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks: A Novel

Call Number: F L635e 2008

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks: A Novel, by E. Lockhart
Sophomore Frankie starts dating senior Matthew Livingston, but when he refuses to talk about the all-male secret society that he and his friends belong to, Frankie infiltrates the society in order to enliven their mediocre pranks.

Sherlock Holmes: The American Years

Call Number: F K875m 2010

Sherlock Holmes: The American Years, edited by Michael Kurland
This collection of ten original stories brings light to one of the least examined periods in the life of the great detective–his time in the former colonies, the United States, when he is a young man not yet set upon his course in life and in his famous lodgings at 221B Baker Street.

The Bride's Farewell

Call Number: F R676m 2009

The Bride’s Farewell, by Meg Rosoff
In 1850s rural England Pell runs away from home on horseback on her wedding day, heading to Salisbury Fair to seek work, and is surprised by the strength of her feelings for those she left behind.

The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

Call Number: 070.49 G853e 2009

The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders, by Emmanuel Guibert
In 1986, Afghanistan was torn apart by a war with the Soviet Union. This graphic novel/photo-journal is a record of one reporter’s arduous and dangerous journey through Afghanistan, accompanying the Doctors Without Borders.

The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

Call Number: 940.53 A354d 2007

The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story, by Diane Ackerman
The true story of how the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo saved hundreds of people from Nazi hands. When Germany invaded Poland, Stuka bombers devastated Warsaw–and the city’s zoo along with it. With most of their animals dead, zookeepers Jan and Antonina Zabinski began smuggling Jews into empty cages. Another dozen “guests” hid inside the Zabinskis’ villa, emerging after dark for dinner, socializing, and, during rare moments of calm, piano concerts. (This book was the May selection of the NCHS Faculty Book Club.)


The Zookeeper’s Wife can be found on the NCHS Faculty Book Club shelf at the front of the library. All other books listed can be found on the New Additions shelf at the front of the library.
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Call for host families

Niagara Catholic will be welcoming two more international students next year! These F-1 visa students speak English, have full medical and liability insurance, and bring their own pocket money for personal expenses. Host families provide room and board and receive a generous monthly hosting stipend. If you have room in your heart and home for one of these great students, please contact:
Deacon Dan Mackowiak at (716) 283-8771 ext. 236 or dmackowiak {at} today!
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Looking for a good book?

booksCheck out the Book Seer for recommendations.  All you do is type in the title of the last book you read that you really enjoyed, and the Book Seer generates a list of suggested titles from Amazon, LibraryThing, and Book Army.

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New Library Additions – February

Thanks to generous donations, the following books were added to the NCHS library collection in February:

Taking Liberties

Call Number: F N676d 2003

Taking Liberties, by Diana Norman
When a letter arrives–on the day of the Earl’s funeral–asking her to find a young American captured in British waters, Diana Stacpoole feels free to respond, whatever her family’s opinion. Her quest takes her to Plymouth, where she meets Makepeace Hedley, a very different woman who is trying to trace her daughter–a passenger on one of the captured ships. A remarkable friendship is born as they face social outrage, public scandal and even arrest, becoming embroiled with French prisoners, American escapers and English smugglers. [Description from] (This book was the February selection of the NCHS Faculty Book Club.)

American Women in Science: A Biographical Dictionary

Call Number: REF 509.22 B355m 1994

American Women in Science: A Biographical Dictionary, by Martha J. Bailey
Concise biographies of 400 accomplished women are included in this exceptional volume; together, they chronicle a distinguished record of achievement, characterized by fierce independence, steadfast perseverance, and sheer brilliance. [Description from front flap of book]

The Biographical Dictionary of Scientists, 2nd Edition

Call Number: REF 509.22 P678r 1994

The Biographical Dictionary of Scientists, 2nd Edition, edited by Roy Porter
The Biographical Dictionary of Scientists offers in one convenient volume over 1,200 comprehensive and accessible introductions to the visionary men and women of astronomy, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, engineering and technology, and geology. [Description from front flap of book]
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Global Studies – Mrs. Lisiak’s Wednesday Classes

Instructions for Mrs. Lisiak’s Global Studies classes, periods 2 & 5B

Wednesday, February 24

UN Virtual Tour and Quiz:

1. Click HERE to go to the United Nations Virtual Tour.

2. Click through all 13 parts of the tour and read about each part of the UN:

3. Take the UN Tour Quiz HERE.

Please turn off the monitors and thin clients (the little boxes to the left of each monitor) after you are done. Please push your chairs in before you leave.

Thank you,

Ms. Chase, Librarian

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